Taking Wife to a Strip Club

Taking Wife to a Strip Club

Hi truthordarepics,

The wife and I went to a strip club in Key West. It was her first time going and we both had a great time. I was really looking forward to this and I was sure she was ready. The dancers gave her a lot of attention, and she loved it. They would grab her breasts and give her kisses when we sat at the stage. I seemed to get a lot more attention also. :-) We also did a couple of private dances together.

The first dancer told my wife that she could touch, but I couldn't. We did feel each other up while she danced and my wife played with the dancers breasts, while she played with my wife's. Un-f***ing believeable! (soory about that LOL). The second time we went, the dancer played with both of us a little. While she was dancing and rubbing up against us, I looked over and the wife had the dancers nipple in her mouth!!!! One of the sexiest sights I've seen in my lifetime and one that is burned in my memory. I almost lost it. When I saw that I took it as a go ahead and sucked the other for a moment. All three of us seemed to enjoy it very much. As far as I know, that was the first time my wife has ever sucked another woman's nipple - which I later confirmed. Needless to say, we were very horny after this and went back to our hotel and fucked our brains out. This picture is of her taken by me from behind. It's one of many that night. I recommend this to all couples out there. We can't wait to go back and hope to have the same experience! - Dave


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