Voyeur Couple - 2

Voyeur Couple

Hi Truth or Dare Pics,

After proving that we are not fakers, we received a dare. The dare was to take a pic of my girlfriend looking at our truth or dare pics webpage with her ass in the picture somehow. Well we had the whole day planned out to have freaky sex later that night.

As of recent we have got into doing cam shows (on yahoo messenger under the name voycoup @ yahoo.com). During these cam shows we usually go in and invite people who are over 18 to watch. We have a large turnout of males....imagine that....

Any rate this night we decided to have a little fun, and try to find a girl to do a show for. Well we learned something interesting about lesbian chat rooms, there are very rarely lesbians in there, its all guys. So we came up with a different idea we went into gay male chat rooms and asked if any men wanted to see my big cock.

When people started asking we turned on the cam only to have my girlfriend rubbing her clit on the cam. The second interesting thing we learned that night is most gay men are into pussy too. We were having a good time, when we started to do request. She would masturbate a little bit then I would masturbate a little bit. She then decided to turn it up a notch and went and got a glass and pissed in it live on cam. This drove the guys as well as me wild.

She then told me to lick her clean....real hot stuff...We decided no more messing around when she mounted me right in front of the cam and took all of me in. She was riding my cock so nice, all the guys watching could only say mmmmmm, your so lucky, I wish my wife would do that....We ended the show went to the bedroom for a little private time. Where the games really began....for another post down the road.....contact us if you want to catch a show at voycoup @ hotmail.com, or send us a dare, as you can tell we are pretty good about responding....

***From Webmaster: Many of the chat rooms in Yahoo are filled with gay men which is fine if you like having fun like VoyeurCouple did. If you're interested in chatting with girls and couples and want to be sure it's them then try THIS PAGE. They have cams so you can see who you're chatting with.



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