Voyeur Couple - 5

Voyeur Couple

Hey webmaster,

Its been a few weeks since we have sent in a post... well yesterday my husband who normally does not have to work on Sunday's had to go in and I was left at home. We always talk to each other through out the day but yesterday was a little different, for the past couple days we had fooled around quite a bit without either one of us getting off so that we could build it up and the next orgasm would be amazing! So we started sending dirty pics to each other while he was at work and before I knew it I got a text that said, "I have a dare for you"! I said okay what is it and he told me to get in a chat room and find a couple random people and ask them to request something to be written on a piece of paper to hold over my pussy and take a picture of and post it! So I got in the chat room and a guy asked me to write " cum slut " so I went for it.... My husband who has access to the internet at work immediately got to see the pics I took. He got totally hard right there in his office and needless to say as soon as he got home he let me have it! We are still doing cam shows and love hearing everyone's comments so just drop us an email with your dares, comments, and/or requests at voycoup @ hotmail.com.


Voyeur Couple


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