Webcam Couple

Webcam Couple

Hi truthordarepics readers,

My girlfriend and I decided to watch a movie with a friend of ours one evening. The friend was a beautiful young woman who sat on the couch for the movie. I spooned with my gal on the floor under a blanket. We were both wearing shorts. The movie we were watching was Species and the actress is hot. So I got a little horny. We were on our left sides and I put my right hand on her hip. I would trail my hand up and down her lovely body as calmly as possible. We would have conversations with our friend on the couch as we did this.

I would rub her ass and thigh and then move my hand to the front. She opened her legs slightly to let my hand in. I pressed my hand to her groin and gently rubbed through her shorts. She pushed her ass back into me and my cock was growing steadily. I reached up and unbuttoned her shorts and slowly let her zipper down. I reached my hand into her shorts and under her panties. My hand found her pubic area and I stopped there as our friend leaned over the arm of the couch to talk to us. My gal's right hand reached back and found my hard cock and rubbed it through my shorts as we casually talked to our friend. Our friend turned back to the movie and my hand ventured further down. I found the wet, hot pussy waiting for me. All I could do for the moment was to rub my fingers along her clit. We were able to do this for a while until the movie ended.

Then our friend got up to go to the bathroom. I quickly took the opportunity to push my galís shorts down her lovely legs. She opened them as my hand went back to her pussy. I put two fingers in her and pumped them away. She tried to stifle her moans as best she could but it was hard for her with such long foreplay. I worked my magic fingers and she commented that it wasnít fair because I couldnít get some relief. I said it was okay and concentrated on her. I continued and she bucked her hips and ground her ass into me. Her hand rubbed my cock as my fingers moved quickly over her clitoris. We heard the toilet flush and I had to literally press her down because as our friend came back into the room my gal was cumming and writhing wildly.

Our friend said goodnight and started to fall asleep on the couch. As soon as her eyes were closed my gal pushed my shorts down and I moved over her. My cock was so hard I thought I would explode before I even got inside her. She opened her legs and guided me into her gently. Her pussy was so hot and wet and I pumped away. I tried to be as quiet as possible but we did make some noise. My gal came again quickly and had to stiffle a moan which we thought would wake our friend for sure. We both looked over and couldn't tell if her eyes were open or closed since it was dark. After only a minute or two I exploded. We were both so turned on thinking that she may have seen us. To this day I think that our friend knew, but she never took part. It was a great experience that lead us to want to show off some more so we bought a webcam and have been enjoying it's delights ever since. We have some stills attached, mainly of her of course :) - Ron

Webcam Couple

Webcam Couple

Webcam Couple



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