Wife Sex Story

Wife Sex Story

This Wife Sex Story picture was sent in by John.

This is one of my favorite stories to tell becuase it was an eye opener for me, and the beginning of a new era in my relationship with my wife.

We had been invited to attend a wedding. I did not know the bride or the groom, but my wife had grown up with the bride. Best freinds until the bride moved away to live with her father.

There was a slight scheduling problem as we had also been invited to attend a birtday party at the horse ranch of a freind of mine. This usually meant bring a blanket, a fire extinguisher, alchohol and your boots becuase the bullshit was going to run deep. These events are highly regarded and not easy to turn down, but for my wife's sake, I did. I knew that seeing her childhood friend meant a great deal to her. Not to mention that when she is going to an occasion such as this, she goes all out, georgous, if you know what I mean.

When I got home from work, she had already begun the transformation from beautiful wife and mother, to hot wife and partier. I hopped in the shower as she sat on the counter in front of the mirror, applying her makeup. I loved it when she did this becuase her thong would always be an eyefull for me. This particular night she had nothing on but a thong. we have a full glass shower door opposite the mirror and she could easily see that I was masturbating while watching her. "Hey" she said, "Cant you save some for later?"

I replied, "Cant you turn around and spread'em a little for me?" Turns out that she had enough time scheduled for "some sort of sexual encounter with my husband". I just gotta love her. She spun around on the counter and started to rub her pussy through her little black thong. Her head was back against the mirror and she was gently twisting one of her nipples with the other hand. At this point I actually had to stop whackin off so that I could take it all in. Ok, four or five seconds might not qualify for stopping, but i definetly paused.

It was not two minutes before she was at orgasm and we arrived simotaniously. She slipped out of her thong and tossed them over the top of the shower door and said "Well, I cant wear these now." She knows that her panties drive me wild. It wasnt long before I used them to cum again. Thank god for the 60 gallon hot water heater. Her only request was that I continue this escpade through the course of the evening. To which I agreed. I think that she realized That I had given up a favorite party for a really good freind and she was saying thank you.

The baby sitter arrived and we were gone in a flash. Arriving at the reception with the first one third of people. I was feeling sort of dorky not knowing anyone, so I went to the place were I was sure to feel comfortable... the bar.

When my wife was done saying hi to everyone she joined me at the bar. Not long after her mother and father arrived and then the wedding party, the photographer, the groom, and then "BAM", the bride walked in. Holy shit, this chick was hot, (not as hot as mt wife though), and she had a huge rack.

It was not long before she spotted my wife and came over to us. I sensed that she was thankful to be away from the mass of people for a while. We hid her at the bar for as long as the crowd would allow, but her presence was obviously requested by many. We drank, ate dinner, drank, danced, drank and overall had a good time. Half way through the party we went out side to catch some fresh air and sit by ourselves for awhile. we found a nice little bench by the trees and had a smoke.

My wife lifted her skirt a little and asked if I remembered the deal we had. "Remember" i said "I was wondering if you had forgotten." As I looked down to see what she was showing me I realized she had never put panties back on. I had to stand up a little to let my dick unfold. Some thing was going on here. My wife is usually horny and always up for sex, but something had her really turned on tonight and I was thinking it wasnt me.

My suspicions were confirmed with her next statement.

Out of the blue, she blurts out, "I have had a sexual relationship with the bride"

My dick actually tore a hole in my pants. I felt faint, my heart was beating faster than ever and all I could think was to stay calm. Get as much information as you can. Oh shit, were to start. I took a long, long drag from my smoke and said, "I could have sworn you said you had sex with the bride". She confirmed what she said and I asked her if it was ok that I asked her a few questions about it. She agreed and I went forth into uncharted territory.

I found out that they would sleep over at each others house for weeks on end in the summertime. They would wait for mom and dad to go to sleep and then they would strip. One would crawl on top of the other and start to suck on her nipples, squeezing her tits and kissing her belly, then her thighs and then her pussy. They had dicovered orgasms at the age of fifeteen and they were hooked.

This went on for almost six months and they never even came close to getting caught. She said it would only happen in the bedroom and late at night, but they would talk about it all day. Imagine my dick sticking out the hole it had ripped in my pants, my jaw is on the floor and I feel as though I am in some sort of mr numbsy fantasy land. I was expecting Jim Morrisons spirit guide to walk up at any moment.

I must have been concentrating on her words becuase I forgot that her pussy was out in the open and I looked down to make sure it was ok. Bewildered, I had to strain to see it, as it was covered now by her hand. The whole time she was telling me this she was rubbing her exposed pussy. This just screwed up everything. Now I had to come up with a whole new set of fantasies because the ones I had were now a reality. ... Please find attatched a picture of my wife. She has graciously allowed me to post it online along with the story. It has lead to endless great sex between us as she re-lives it in bed with me.



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