Wife Confession - Offering All

2 Tongues Girl

Wife Confession - Offering All



This is my first post. I (2tonguesgirl) go away on business for a week or so every 2 months. My husband, H, stays at home and we spend a lot of time on webcam when we're appart. He watches me shower and I use plenty of soap on my tits and I watch him in the shower as he washes and wanks until he cums for me.

After 5 days apart and plenty of webcam action I was sitting in a business meeting imagining what I would do with his cock. I got back to my hotel and watched H cum in the shower. I was dying for cock.

I decided to go out and drown my frustrations at a quiet little bar near the hotel. Well, a couple of drinks became many. A couple of guys chatted with me for some time and the drinks kept coming. Eventually I realised I had no chance of walking back to my hotel without help so I asked them to get me back safely.

When we got to my room my aching pussy took over from my brain and as they helped me through the door I said, "Thanks for helping me to my room, come in and do anything you like."

They stripped me and lay me in the middle of the bed. They then started kissing me from the side of my neck, mirroring their action down each side of my body. They kissed my neck, moved down to my breasts, sucked my nipples then moved down my tummy and down my groin to the inside of my knees. They then lifted my butt off the bed and placed a couple of pillows under me. They pushed my legs way up so that my heels were by my ears and started their way back up from my knees to my pussy. They licked both lips at the same time and then used their fingers to part them. They started licking my clit on each side.

As their tongues moved up and down they batted my clit back and forth. I was moaning loudly, my moans turned to squeals and eventually a full screaming orgasm. I collapsed in a heap unable to move. The guys then did as I had offered, they truly did what they liked. I was unable to move and so they just lifted me into any position they wanted. To cut a very long story short they fucked me in every position in every hole. They double penetrated me and eventually lay me on my back and fucked me hard. They took it in turns to do this and pulled out to cum on my tits and face.

They went to the bathroom and returned with a shampoo bottle and a roll on deodorant. The roll on deodorant was just the right shape for them to shove up my ass, the shampoo bottle was pushed up my pussy and then they left the room. I lay there recovering, still unable to move, enjoying the fullness of my pussy and ass. I fell asleep after a couple of minutes and I must have slept well. I was woken by H calling on line. I pulled the bed clothes up cover the dry cum on my tits and the deodorant still plugged up my ass. The shampoo bottle had come out as I slept.

I pulled the deodorant out of my ass and went to shower so that H could watch.

I went down to breakfast and the guy who showed me to my table greeted me warmly, he was one of the guys from the night before. After a few minutes the chef came to check all was well, he was the other guy. I had 3 more nights at the hotel and I was double tongued and fucked every night. It learnt it wasn't the drink that left me unable to move the first night, it was the body bucking orgasm.

I've been home for a week, sex with H is great as always, my toys are doing a great job, but I really do need to be double tongued. I can't wait for my next business trip so I have decided to go for broke.

H and I have enjoyed Todp for a few year so I decided to post this. Hopefully H recognises my body even if he doesn't my actions. I want H to arrange to double tongue me and then use and abuse me.

H, if you recognise me please have the courage to go ahead with this. I promise I will do absolutely anything you want me to do. I will be the most willing sex toy any man has ever had.

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