Our 3Some

Our 3Some

Hi Truthordarepics.com,

I tried to get my wife to do the FMF 3some thing and after 5 or so years of trying I got my wish finally! We're both busy people but one night we had our kid stay over a friends house and we boarded our dog for the night. We went out to diner and later met a young woman from out of town at the bar and hit it off. When my wife went to the bathroom the other woman told me, " I like your wife...I mean, I REALLY like your wife". It was fun to watch her flirt with my wife when she got back. Long story short we invited her back to our place for another drink and one thing led to another until they were topless. I asked if I could take a picture of them and the woman was not sure but said that I could take one as long as her face wasn't really in it. Well, it turns out you could see her face a bit but not enough to really see. I put the camera away after that and watched my wife and this new woman "taste" each other for the first time. They proceeded and I took in every moment. As much as I wanted to fuck the other woman she wouldn't have it but did let me do everything else which was good enough for me. I must say that it was fun to just have a woman touch her and watch her get wet and then seeing my wife lick the other one, it was a great night but has not happened again since. We'd love for you to post our story this weekend as we're going to email it to the other woman and maybe have phone sex with her. Thanks! - Randy



Truth or Dare Videos

These Dare Videos are a small homemade operation. Like myself, the guy who makes them LOVES truth or dare and created a hobby website for it. He gets participants locally by placing ads in the 'personals' section of the university campus paper, asking girls to play 'Truth or Dare with other girls and some guys. All players are over 18 and do this for fun. No money, no pros!


Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos
Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos
Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos
Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos


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