Sex at the Movies


Hi truthordarepics,

My girlfriend and I love your site and have an experience of ours to share. We were out to a movie last month and she was lookin GOOD that night, almost like she was going to a club. I made sure to tell her how good she looked and complimented her throughout the night. Yes I was turned on :) As luck would have it, it was extremely cold in there so she wanted to put the arm rest up and snuggle. I guess she must have noticed the slight bulge in my pants because all of a sudden I felt her hand on the tip of my dick. She whispered "I am too" in my ear. The next thing I know she is massaging my dick right there in the theatre (we were sitting in the back corner, somewhat secluded). So I let my hand creep down and go under her skirt. I moved her panties out of the way and played with her clit for a bit. So she decided to up the ante by pulling my dick out to suck it. I felt the heat of her mouth on it and almost moaned. I was getting nervous but I didn't care, I stuck my fingers in her pussy and fingered her while she was sucking my cock. When she was done sucking she got up and sat on my lap. and we fucked right there with her back to me. When she came she shook so much which sent me cumming.... We were both sweating right then and looked around. When the whole experience was over we decided to leave the the theatre because we were a bit embarrassed... But we went home and fucked again which was even better! The best thing about it, is that it wasn't planned and as soon as we were home we both decided to tell our story to you. We have a picture of us fucking last night as we wrote everything down and got horny all over again. I hope you guys enjoy it! We did! - Martin & Helen



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