Wife's Bar Dare - 2

Wife's Bar Dare


So we were back from vacation and decided to get together with Maggie again. Now this was going to be the first time Maggie and Sam have been together, other than at work, since the threesome night while we were away on vacation.

To be honest with you, we had no idea what to expect. I thought it was going to be awkward. Sam thought Maggie wasnt going to be nearly as crazy. We decided to go for drinks first at a local bar, then maybe head to a local club after we all loosened up. That sure didnt take very long. Sam gets dressed in this completely skimpy sundress, no bra, and shows me before we leave that she's wearing a skimpy g-string that is crotchless. Well, not really. Its like a regular g-string but it has two pieces of material, one covering each pussy lip basically. WOW! And she pulled it aside to show me that she had once again shaven completely bald. I was hard before we got to the car.

We arrived at the bar first, sat at the corner, and waited for Maggie. When she walked in the place every head in the place turned to check her out. She looked smoking hot! She had the shortest mini-skirt (and tight too) that I've ever seen. If I didn't totally check her out from head to toe I wouldn't have believed it could have covered her crotch and ass. On top she had a skimpy spaghetti strap tank that was almost see through. You could make out the shape and almost every detail of her nips. Unreal.

We had a few shots each, about 4 beers each (I had 2 because I thought I had to drive for the night). Maggie stands up and says I'm gonna go use the bathroom, lose my panties, and then we can head out. Sam looked at me and said were in for a GOOD night honey.

I get in the front seat to drive, Maggie and Sam wanted to be alone in the backseat. We had barely pulled out of the parking lot when I looked back and the see the girls totally going at it. Maggie has her top off, and her skirt is up around her waist. Sam's sundress is completely off and Maggie is eating Sams pussy right in the gap of her crotchless panties. I almost crashed about 4 times trying to sneak peeks at what was going on. The best view I had was in the rear view mirror.

When we got back to our place all hell broke loose. Both girls walked almost completely naked up the driveway and into the front door. I didnt notice any neighbors looking but anyone watching would have gotten a great show. Maggie dragged Sam by the hand into the family room and asked me if we had a camcorder? Sure enough I went to get it. She throws Sam on the sofa, tells me to get naked, and then sets up the camera on the tripod so that its filming anything going on on the sofa.

Next she asks 2 very shocking questions. First she wanted to know if Sam was interested in feeling what double-penetration felt like, then she asks me if I've ever been ass-fucked??? With that she whips out a black leather strap-on, puts it on, and tells Sam to sit back and relax. Oh yeah, first she stopped and turned the camcorder on. Before either of us knew it, she's fucking Sam with the strap-on and blowing me while I stood beside them. She tells me to lay on my back, she tells Sam to get on top of me and ride me, then she gets behind Sam and starts to slowly finger her ass. Sam started going wild and told me she loved the feeling of having a dick in her pussy, and someone fingering her ass. Maggie then did the unimaginable. She lubed up Sams asshole, lubed up her dildo, and began fucking her in the ass, all while I was still in her pussy.now Sam never let me finger her ass let alone take a dildo up it. After about 20 seconds of getting used to it, she started moaning and screaming and yelling Oh My God fuck me fuck me fuck me. She tells Maggie and I to switch and that she wants me to cum in her ass. Maggie wanted to get her orgasms first so she goes dominatrix an Sam and I and tells us she wants me to fuck her ass while Sam uses the dildo from the strap-on. Sam goes one further of course, puts it on, and fucks her with it. All three of began fucking like wild animals and came within 30 seconds of one another. A great night but Maggie says Lets watch our movie. More with that next time. - smr

Wife's Bar Dare

Wife's Bar Dare



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