Wife Does Our Bowling Team Mate

Bar Hoppers

Wife Does Our Bowling Team Mate



We'd been out bar hopping and drinking a little too much, We invited him to our house to have a few drinks. She came to my chair, sitting spread legged on my lap facing me I started playing with her tits in front of him At first she pushed my hands away and, though I knew I was making her horny, she pretended to be embarrassed. With a few more attempts, she closed her eyes and let me do whatever I wanted. So I took full advantage of the situation. Our friend sat in the chair across from us and a little buzzed from the drinking, watched with widening eyes.

I proceeded to kiss her and feeling her boobs. She got so hot she started breathing heavy and squirming on my lap. I peeled off her blouse and unhooked her bra with her nice tits spilling out in full view of my friend. I put my hand up her skirt and rubbed her pussy, damn she was wet, her juices were really flowing.

I slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt then pulled them out and sucked her delicious pussy juice from them. She began to moan, I whispered in her ear she needed to feel our friend's cock in her pussy. She gasped but said nothing. About that time he said " looks like you need a little help, so I motioned our friend over. He put his hands on her tits, as soon as he did she let out a soft little moan and leaned back into his chest and he began caressing them while my wife kept her eyes closed and pushed her pussy harder and harder against my probing fingers.

Minutes later, my friend and I stripped off the rest of her clothes and my friend went down on her. Surprised, her eyes popped open and she put her hands on his head and weakly said no. My friend kept up his pussy-licking expertise and cupped her ass cheeks in his hands. Out of her mind with lust, my wife pulled his head against her pussy and began cumming and moaning loudly over and over, her body shaking.

I just sat back and watched her cum over and over and I loved listening to her loud moans. When she settled down, my friend mounted her with no resistance and she was fucking him as hard as he was fucking her. She came again with her legs wrapped around my friend's hips humping hard into his plunging cock. When he finished, I got on top of her and fucked her to another orgasm. Before the night was over she sucked both of us off and I loved it. Then she lay down and took out her favorite vibrator right in front of us and started to fuck herself with it!! I got out the cam ASAP as I couldn't miss this. She was an animal that night!

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