Best Friends


Hi truthordarepics,

Here is a picture of my best friend Jackie and I (Lisa) on vacation with another friend of ours swimming nude at night at our hotel. Of course we were tipsy and of course we were crazy as we usually are. See I met Jackie when I was in high school as we worked at a fast food restraunt. It was the middle of summer and hot as hell. The air conditioner went out. I went into the walk-in fridge on my lunch break. One of the girls (her) I worked with came in also to cool off. We started complaining about the heat and just then she took her shirt off to cool down further. She looked at me and said, "oh cmon, nobody will see us" and so I did too. It felt really good to cool down and be away from the grill which was sweltering. But we did almost get caught as someone opened the door just as we were walking out! Anyway, that's how we became friends and since then we've always been daring each other to do silly (sexy) things. We love your site and think it ROCKS!!! - J amp; L


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