Risky Pics and Restuarant Dare

Brit - 1

Risky Pics and Restuarant Dare



This whole experience has been such a turn on for us both that I (Brit) decided to let my man take a break while I created our second post (first post here). To start off we want to thank all of you who replied with your kind words and especially all the sexy couples who traded pics of their own with us! We have been very busy recently so apologize if we haven't responded to all of you but are definitely working on it. With that said, we both had some free time this past Saturday night so thought I should share what happened that we have never done before :D

Due to being very busy recently, most of our date nights have just involved relaxing at home so when Ted told me that he was taking me out to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant I was beyond excited. That night I got dressed up to go out and decided to wear a light yellow sun dress that I knew was Ted's favorite because it made my boobs look amazing. I also decided to wear a pair of red high heels with matching red lipstick that I knew would drive Ted crazy. When he drove over to pick me up he was thrilled to see me in his favorite dress and high heels and I was especially thrilled because he went all out by wearing one of his sexy button up shirts with a tie.

The restaurant was very classy and we were having a great time talking while sipping on a few drinks. After ordering our main course however, the conversation drastically shifted when Ted boldly demanded that I take off my panties and give them to him before our food arrived. I was shocked because Ted knows I don't like PDA or being naughty in public for the fear of being caught but at the same time I was extremely turned on hearing him be so demanding. Normally I would have said no way in hell but due to the location of our booth I realized we were fairly concealed and the thought of removing my panties in the middle of an expensive restaurant made my juices immediately start to flow.

After shooting him a quick playful smile my cheeks began to blush bright red while I instinctively reached down to pulled my skimpy thong down my legs and over my high heels. I must admit that the thought of being bottomless in a super fancy restaurant while feeling the fresh air on my exposed pussy made me dripping wet and could feel my juices already start to run down my thighs. As dinner continued Ted would occasionally tease me with his foot or hand underneath the table which made me have to try super hard to conceal my moans. The story continues after dinner but have rambled long enough for one post so I will have to keep you waiting and finish telling you about our night next time ;)

For this post I decided to share a few more risky pics and hear the response we get in hopes to build up my confidence a bit more to eventually share more dirty stuff in the future ;) We hope you enjoy and can't wait to hear what all you think and even more excited to trade more pics (and possibly a vid or 2) with anyone interested in sharing!


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