Another Sex for Money Dare

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Another Sex for Money Dare



We have gotten a lot of responses to my wife's dares (sorry she isn't my girlfriend! LOL). So let me share one we did recently. We went back to the bar where the prostitutes hang out and decided to rent a hotel room this time. With did things a little different. This one guy (you can see him behind her in the pic with bra exposed) was her target. She went to him and began to chat him up.

She had her blouse open so he could get a good look at her breasts and I could see him reach up and put his hand inside her shirt as they continued talking. Then he got up and came over to me and slid me 3 one hundred dollar bills on the bar. I smiled and asked him if he was fine with the terms my wife told him (that I would be in the room but not naked and just taking pics out of the way). He nodded and we proceeded together out the door.

I let her ride in his car to the hotel room and I followed. I could just make out her head bobbing down between the seats. When they got to the parking lot they parked for a while. I could make him out but not her. After about 10 minutes I walked up to the car and saw my wife sucking his cock really good. I tapped on the window so she wouldn't make him cum too quick.

He pulled his pants up and we headed to the motel room. I went and sat in the corner playing on my phone as they began to make out. They started taking off their clothes and I noticed he had a large hard cock dripping in pre-cum. my wife pushed him onto the bed and began to give him head. As he was getting worked up she straddled him.

He began to quickly pound his cock up into her tight pussy. He reached around and squeezed and pulled her asscheeks wide apart as his cock pumped faster and faster. Just then he let out a loud moan and yelled he was cumming. My wife pushed down hard on him onto he finished his last thrust. She got off of him and sucked his cock a little. He then got up and dressed. He quickly put on his clothes and left the room. My cock was raging at this point.

I quickly laid on my back and had her align her pussy on my cock backwards so I could see her ass. I began to thrust quickly and lasted less than 4 pumps before I began squirting! So that's it for now.

Let us know what you think and if you send pics or vids make sure she is in them!


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