Waiting on the Bed in Black Panties

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Waiting on the Bed in Black Panties Dare



Hi again. Hope you're not getting bored with us! The guy who came to our place called me this week and asked if my wife was available. I told him yes, but the prices are different. I told him that to fuck with a condom it would be 300 but without 500 (did some research and found out that without is always a few hundred more due to the risks).

He said 500 would be fine but he wanted a couple of goes on her. I said ok, but I wanted to be on the bed this time naked to take pics and 'help' him. He said fine. So when he came over my wife was already on the bed with just her blue panties on. I told him she wants you to fuck her like a slut so she will keep her panties pulled down half way as he fucked her doggy.

He was really eager and started to undress as so did I. As she crawled up onto the bed she slowly pulled her panties down. As he was starring at her pussy I slipped my hand onto his cock and started to slowly stroke him hard. He initially seemed startled but let me stroke his cock as he watched my wife's pussy. I could feel him getting really aroused and about to cum so I stopped.

I said don't waste it with me put it into my wife! He slid up against her ass and started to pump like mad. I could see her ass cheeks bouncing violently as he got leverage on his toes and continued to slam her hard. Then he let out a large moan and I could see his balls tighten as he began to ejaculate. I quickly reached up with one hand and squeezed his balls to drain them into my wife and stroked my cock with my other until I blew my load.

He then fell on top of my wife exhausted. She got up and said she would be right back as she went to the bathroom and washed his cum out of her pussy. She laid next to him and began to suck him again until he got hard. I got up and left the room as he mounted her a second time. It must have been 30 minutes when I heard from the other room a loud moan as he blasted his second load into her. A few moments later he came out the room and said he would be back later in the month.

With this kind of money now, I may cut back on hours and pimp my wife fulltime. This is getting to be really fun! Again send us back a pic with your cock and her pic(s) in it like some of our readers have done (vids are great as well!).


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