Car Flashing

Car Flashing


We enjoy reading about the ladies on your site flashing truckers and other cars and it's good to know there other guys like me who LOVE to flash their significant others. I have spent many a night riding up the hwy flashing my wife. Usually she has on a sundress with no underwear or a skirt, garter belt and no panties. I will get her to recline the seat, pull her skirt up around her waist we will pull up beside a trucker and I will turn on the dome light. Then he get an eye full, wife is sometimes shaved and sometimes hairy. She has a very large Mons venus(mound) which makes her pussy look large.

One night we were riding back south bound and I had her lay her head in my lap and spread her legs. We pulled beside a trucker and I reached and pulled her pussy lips apart, he sat down on the horn for 2 minutes and flashed his lights for us to pull off. I don't have to explain what happened when we got home.

Also we take day trips to the mountians in the fall. Wife knows what the deal is before we go, and always wears some sexy panties. WE drive through the mountians with her reclined in the SUV and me fingering her for all she's worth. Hips area at times bouncing off the seat and she is very wet. Sometimes I can get her to pull her 38 D's out while she's bouncing and watch them jiggle. Have had great BJ's while doing this. This picture is one where she was doing the driving and I was playing with her pussy trying to see if she can hold off an orgasm t'ill we got home. Love to hear from others and your experiences. - Sam



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