Car Sex

Car Sex

Hi truthordarepics,

I have read on here stories about exposing the wife to strangers while in the car; I was envious and couldn’t imagine how hot the real life scenario would be until…

…Friday night we had dinner and drinks with several friends, the ride home became very wild after it was time for us all to go our separate ways.

As we approached our car I told her I wanted her to remove her bra, by time she got into her seat it was off, and then I asked her to unbutton her shirt. That’s when I reached over to cup and pinch her nipples leaving her exposed, man was I hard. I told her she had to keep it that way while we drive through the parking garage attendant; she looked at me sexily and moaned a sexy okay. He looked in and the expression on his face was classic, you could see he liked what he saw, but couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he just waved us on with a smile, saved us six bucks.

We pull out into the dense city traffic with people all around walking and driving, knowing that anyone had to be able to look over and see my sexy wife exposed for all to see. The rest of the ride was to continue as it started with the addition of her pulling her jeans off so we could get to her pussy too. With feet propped up on the dash and console I reached over and started fingering her and rubbing her clit while she pinched her nipples. I was driving around not really paying much attention to where I was going except for trying to position us where she could be seen, she was really getting off on it too, she kept rubbing her clit moaning as she would slip two fingers into her very wet hole, she would share with me by reaching over and slipping her fingers into my mouth. I got on the highway and into the fast lane trying to catch up with anyone. I managed to line up with a couple cars, but not anyone was observant enough to realize what we were doing or they didn’t care.

I was busting out of my jeans and we were both ready for some relief so I pulled off to exit for a well lit parking lot where I found a good spot next to some other cars. As soon as I shut off the engine she told me to take off my pants so she could suck me, she wanted my hard dick in her mouth…I immediately pushed my shoes off and slid my jeans to the floor. She devoured my dick like she was starved for my cum, she gives the most wonderful blow job that I have to concentrate very hard not to cum in her mouth. As she is working on my cock and balls her ass is up in the air, just how I like it, I reached over and slipped my fingers into her, she was soaked and let out a deep moan as she swallowed my dick all the way down to my balls. She popped her head up to look into my eyes, as I opened them we both saw the couple from the car next to us approach as they are looking right at us and talking…my lovely wife just looks at me and goes right back to what she was doing. The couple looked at us briefly, got in their car and left.

My wife was so hot at this point, I told her to climb in the back so I can eat her pussy. She was just dripping, I started by lapping at into her hole to get as much of her as I could with an occasional lick all the way up to her clit, didn’t take long for her to orgasm a couple of times. I love to get her like this, she is so horny and wet, she says it hurts, and she begs me to stick my dick in her and fuck her. We screwed in the back for a good twenty minutes before I couldn’t hold out anymore and exploded deep inside of her.

We laid there and talked for a while until we figured we had better go before we have someone watching that we don’t want to talk to. Once she had cum, it kind of broke the spell and she became nervous about being so exposed and went to get dressed again. Not wanting this awesome night to end I asked her to sit in the back seat with her jeans back on at least but to please stay topless for the ride home. She accepted but was nervous all the way home. Once there I told her to stay put. She protested that someone might see her, a neighbor even! I said "honey just give me 2 seconds" ... I bolted in the door, grabbed our camera and ran back out. She was fidgety but let me take one as a souvenir. When we got back in we continued where we left off of. I thought these things happened only to other people but man what a night!!! - Jamie



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