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Hi Webmaster,

My boyfriend and I recently met up with another couple that we met online for a bit of fun. But I have to give you some background. My boyfriend and I were at a dance club and we were drinking and having a great time. This was a few months back. I started getting close and dancing 'dirty-dancing' style with him and at the time was wearing boxers under his pants that were easily accessible. So I put my hand underneath and right on the dance floor with people all around us I started to jerk him off. It was great. He got nervious and had me stop before he could cum but I was ready to keep going. I always got wet when thinking about that and so we would talk about it often in bed which would lead me to HUGE orgasms.

This eventually led us to want to experiment a bit more and one of his fantasies was to se me with another woman. I liked the idea and admit it turned me on so we looked online. Quite quickly we found a couple who were a little older than we were and told them of our fantasy. They were happy to help and so soon enough we all met at a motel. The women wore garters because that turned on her husband and my boyfriend got to watch close up from the bed while this woman initiated me to girl-girl sex. It was wonderful! We had agreed that the men would just watch for the first time but while she was eating me out I grabbed my bf's cock and started to jack him off which reminded me of the club. When I came he came and then I returned the favor to her. The husband was so into watching us that he only took this one picture but we didn't even know they were gonna do that so it's fine. It's a good memory for us when we want to fantasize in bed again.

We're not sure what we'd like to try next but if we get pics of it we'll send them off to you. In the meantime we'll browse your site for ideas! - P&G



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