Creative Dare

Creative Dare

Hi Webmaster,

I thought of a really creative dare for my wife to do which would let alot of people see her without knowing it's her. She has always been too afraid to try any dares in case we were caught etc...

Denise, my 29 year old wife, agreed to let me videotape her masturbating. Had to go to a hotel (so our house wasn't identifyable), take it from the waist down so her face wasn't visible, but for her very conservative nature, this has us both so hot. We then had planned to show it at my weekly poker game. My wife has never done this type thing, so it was somewhat of a shocker for us. They will think I downloaded it from the internet as we often do for our poker night, and they will have no idea it's my wife.

It was the day of the game and my wife and I were in an adrenalin rush all that day anticipating what would happen. Went back and forth with whether or not to do it, to let these friends watch her masturbate on film. I told the fellows a friend of mine sent me the tape, and he said there were plenty more, but wouldn't tell me who the lady was. This would open the door for future tapes if we liked the outcome of this one.

My wife never comes to the basement on poker night, but said when they all came upstairs to leave and say bye, was when the excitement got to her the most just knowing they all saw her naked and spread and didn't know it was her. One of my buddies reminded me to get in touch with my friend for next week, and my wife knew what he meant, and her face became flushed.

I don't know who's underwear was the wettest when we went to the bedroom. I had leaked so much that even my pants were wet, and my wife's panties were drenched with excitement to the point of embarrassing her. She was super hot wanting to know what all was said about the tape. Although a very conservative masturbation scene with her lying on her back playing with her clit, the fellows enjoyed it because they could tell it was a normal person and not an actress, etc. Without my having to ask, she said we could take more videos if I wanted to. Our next one will be of her self pleasure with a dildo from the rear, humping and riding, and maybe some tits showing. Because of the expense, we'll lay sheets all around to hide everything instead of going to the motel. The fact she is never sexy in public, but willing to do this and gets hot over it, is driving me insane with excitement. We are not ready to have the video go online yet but have a sexy picture of her so your readers can visualize her. She is just as excited about this as well. - Brad & Denise



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