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Hi Truthordarepics,

My friends and I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic and while we were there we agreed that we were going to be more daring and have alot of fun since we were away from our regular lives. There were lots of Europeans and most of them went topless and wore thongs which made it easy for us to do too. Our first time we were all looking at each other funny trying not to laugh but after 2 days you really get used to it. So the last day we decided to go nude! We got lots of looks at first but there were so many people wearing next to nothing that it wasn't as much as we expected. Most of the attention went to a German chick with DDD boobs. Still it felt great.

We also had a very sexual time and were bad girls. One one single night I had sex with a group of people. Unfortanetly not together just one after the other throught the night. It started with a BJ in a club with this guy and I then we did it in the washroom. Then I did the same with a girl, and a few more people back at their rooms. They were awesome and I was tired the next day. Dominican Rocks!

We have a bunch of pics but with that kind of info I can only give you this one that doesn't show who we are. Sorry. I'd really really like to show more but you know what will happen if people that know us find out. maybe I'll send you one (webmaster) for your eyes only. We'll see. BTW, I am the one with her hand on her butt LOL. We were buying rum from a beach vendor who was doing it under the table so to speak. - JaneDoe



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