Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage

Hello Webmaster,

My wife Lynn and I both love your site and have a picture of her from our honeymoon. While there I had dared her to get an erotic massage (they were being offered if you knew how to ask, to both men and women).

We were at the Ixtabi Beach Club in Negril. Nudity was allowed on that specific beach, and Lynn went nude. We were approached by the attendant/waiter who offered massages, and Lynn was interested. We had already discussed this and she had accepted the dare with a wicked grin I'll never forget. She asked him if it was a 'special relaxing massage' and he smiled and said yes!

She put on her bikini and left to the barside "hut". Once inside he pulled off his sarong and was naked, then started to take off Lynn's bikini. When she was naked with him he led her into a shower and washed her, then had her face down on his massage table. Lynn said she was a little hesitant being naked with him, and didn't expect it to be so quick and things to move so fast.

He gave her a legitimate oil massage first which relaxed her, and when she was on her back he massaged her breasts and nipples, then oiled and rubbed her clit. Lynn said it was such a turn on and he was getting her excited, but was surprised when he was on the table and she could feel his hard cock on her thigh. Before she knew what was happening he was between her legs, then his cock was sliding into her, and then he was fucking her.

Lynn said she was grinding with him and that he fucked her for sometime before he came inside her then climbed off. Without a word he helped her off the table then back into the shower, then helped her dress and she left. When she told me, I was surprised! I didn't know that they went all the way. The more she described it the more we were turned on and went to our room to fuck.

Later we met two young girls who asked about it when they saw Lynn going to the bar hut. They both admitted getting a massage by this same guy and a second guy during their stay, and both admitted during the massage they got fucked. They said that's why they asked for the massage and were going back for more.

Lynn went for a regular massage everyday, but a 'special' massage only once more. Again a legit massage and then she was fucked until he came. Lynn did two different men in total.

Now we seek out men who will meet us at hotels and massage and then fuck her. We've had a lot of luck with this online, and I love watching and then joining in.

Paul & Heidi



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