Fun at Macy's


Hi truthordarepics:

We are G & R and are best friends. We met at work (in a restaurant) a few years back and became instant friends. W are also not ashamed to admit that we are sex friends as well. We both date guys and they do come and go but what always stays constant is our friendship and occasional sex bewteen us. We have attatched a picture of us being silly before heading out for the night. The day after that picture we were shopping at macy's 34th street nyc. We found some clothes and tried them on in the dressing room. As we undressed we started tickling each other and just having fun bugging. That lead to a bit more touching until we started really going at it and trying not to giggle out load in the process. It was incredible! I (G) licked her (R) pussy from behind and fingered her ass at the same time. I got her off then she returned the favor first stripping me completely nude, bending me over and doing the same. It's hard not to gasp when there's a finger in each of your holes going in and out. I then came and had to cover my mouth. I'm sure somebody heard because (R) didn't stop fingering me when I came, she took her hand out of my ass and kept going faster and faster in my pussy. With her free hand she put it on my head to keep me bent down. I couldn't take it as I felt I'd have to scream with my next orgasm but even saying no would mean I'd let out a bit of a moan so I kept as quiet as I could and rode out another 3 orgams. It was so exciting hearing alot of people around and cumming right then! (R) gave me a quick sly smile and I gave her a look that said she's gonna get it when we get home. We dressed and walked out and noticed one couple looking at us strangely. They knew. It made me blush and we walked out faster! - G & R



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