A Really Hot Party


Hi truthordarepics:

I have a daring picture I just took to send in to you so see attatched. I just got back from a party that had me do something I never have. My best friend Don (male) and his girlfriend had disappeared for a good hour and so I went to look for them. They were giving me a lift back so I was a bit worried. I found them in a room downstairs and watched with shock while he was licking her pussy! I was slow to react and they didn't care as we were all wasted and I just watched, transfixed on them. His girlfriend saw me and smiled a drunk smile and motioned for me to come closer and I did. I sat next to them and he looked over at me and just went back to what he was doing. Then she grabbed my hand and put it on her clit and rubbed up and down. My pussy never got so wet so fast! While he was eating her I was rubbing her clit and giving her so much pleasure! She came really hard and I didn't want to stop but then before you knew it the whole party was savy to what was going on and the door flew wide open and they stopped. I jumped back in time so nobody saw that I was involved but the crowd teased my friend and his girlfriend. We left right after that and I was hoping to continue in the car but she passed out in the backseat and so I helped him get her home. When we put her to bed we were both somewhat embarrassed and just said goodnight. I walked home from there (which was 2 blocks) and had to satisfy my throbbing pussy. I felt great! It was a great feeling to do something daring like that and I wanted more. I then went online and found your site while looking for dare ideas, pictures, stories and read through at least 2 dozen before I couldn't take it and wanted to send you something myself. I took this shot of me on my knees. It's my favorite position. I then uploaded it to my computer and am now attatching it to this email. I hope to see it online soon with the other dares. Right now, I'm gonna go back in that position, read a few more dares and finish myself off. Awesome site! - Kimberly



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