Flashing in the London Tube/Subway

Jenny - 3

Flashing in the London Tube/Subway



These pictures are from a recent trip to London. Obvious to anyone who knows it. They are in response to lots of requests for more pictures of me in public. A special mention goes to “Veruca” who chose the location.

I adore exposing my body in public. It makes me so wet. I also love receiving all the feedback on my posts. I get very excited by the comments and pictures you send - particularly those from women.

I have had a lot of women saying I am brave to show my face. Well let me tell you sisters, this is a whole new world for me. Until recently, I would never have dreamed of posting pictures of myself online - but I am so pleased I have. I have found it to be such a liberating experience. For most of my life I have been controlled by men - this is just one way I have been taking back control of myself and declaring ownership of my own body. It is my body and I will do with it what I choose. I will display it how I want to display it. And that means the whole of my body - face and all. I am not just a collection of holes and fleshy mounds - I am a whole person. I may not be as young as I once was. I am not a professional model. But this is my body and I am not ashamed to share it.

I say come on girls you have nothing to be ashamed of either. I want to see you all. No matter your age, your size, your race or the way you feel about your body - come one and all! I have found TODP to be a friendly and supportive community. There are some wonderful people on here. You don’t need to be afraid sisters. You don’t need to hide your faces.

Be proud to dare! Be proud to be bare! Xxx

Always looking for a woman in the UK for a Threesome.

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