Sex with the Blinds Open

LJ & Chief - 2

Sex with the Blinds Open



Chief was certainly turned on from my last post and all the emails we received.

We recently had a night for yourself and we made the most of it. No sooner had the door closed to the room, Chief had stripped me naked and was eating my pussy from behind and licking my ass. As you can see from the photos, the blinds were open for all to see which only made me wetter and hornier.

Then it was my turn to please Chief. I love to suck on his dick, making it grow in my mouth then moving to his balls while he played with his hard cock. Knowing I love to moan while sucking his dick and wanting to keep me very wet, Chief told me to ride my favourite toy. Chief keeping telling me to imagine another women licking my pussy while sucking his cock.

This put me over the edge and I came hard. Not missing a beat, Chief flipped me over, exposing my ass and slid his hard cock into my throbbing pussy. As Chief increased his speed, he increased the hardness of his slaps on my ass as the picture shows. He knew this would make my pussy juices drip and want me to have more inside me. Using his hard cock and my pussy juices to lube up ass, he slowly pushed inside my ass. Inch by inch and then slowly out again. Grabbing my pink friend again, I inserted it all the way in my pussy, pushing it up so Chief's cock could feel it as he slid in and out of my ass. Chief was whispering in my ear as he fucked my ass to picture another girl using the toy on pussy and licking my clit while her pussy was in front of my face ready for my mouth. This caused me pussy and ass to grow tighter which was too much for Chief and he drove his hard cock deep in my ass and came. As he pulled out, the cum dripped out and ran down to my pussy. It was a very good start to our night.

Afterwards we discussed a few of our fantasies and would love to have another woman join us and would like to go a swingers club to see if we would enjoy it. We would love to hear from people who have tried any of these or are looking to explore.

We have enjoyed emailing and have tried to respond to everyone so keep up the sexy emails.

Lots of Love,


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