My Hot Dare

My Hot Dare

Hey all you readers of truthordarepics, thought maybe some of you would like to enjoy reading about our experience last night.

My fiancee and I are 27 and about 2 years ago she suprised both of us by walking around topless while we were camping for the weekend. but that's where the fun ended. We have since longed for more fun ... but just haven't had the time. We attatched a picture of Dina on that camping trip as it is our only 'daring' picture. But the real fun happened this weekend.

A couple of weeks ago my fiancee ran into a very old ex boyfriend, Mike. She has always been heavily attracted to him, but has not seen him in over 4 years. She told me when she saw him that she "would fuck his brains out if given the opportunity". I encouraged her for weeks to get something started with him and she played with him over text messages and phone calls of which Mike thought I was oblivious (although I had been right next to her the whole time helping coach).

Last night we were down in the area where she grew up and we were visiting her parents. We had some friends over and were socially drinking. I told her that she should try and kiss him when separated from the group. After everyone left, including Mike, she got a text message saying he wishes he could come back. She told him I was passed out and would love if he came back to kiss her goodnight.

We set it up where I was closely watching out of a dark window and she was outside by his truck. They started heavily kissing and touching for about 20 minutes. She had her hand down his pants and he slowly felt her pussy. He commented on how shaved and smooth she was. Before I knew it, Dina's top was up and he was attacking her size B tits with his tongue. He encouraged her to get in his truck, but she only wanted to give him a taste test and then talk to me about it. When I was watching, I could barely stand it. I grabbed myself and watched at the same time. I could barely hold on and just let loose right there. After she came back in, I was instantly hard again. I took her to bed and entered her well drenched pussy. She came hard on me and we both fell asleep exhausted. Mike still does not know that I was watching...but we'll have to see where this one proceeds.

Dina & Josh



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