My Wild Wife

My Wild Wife

Hi Truthordarepics,

Here is a picture of my wife pleasuring herself on our motel couch after a wild wild night. My wife and I have a 9 month old and she was breast feeding. She was to be in a wedding about 3 hours away, so we left our girl with her parents and had a weekend to ourselves.

She was pumping the 1st 2 days to relieve the pressure on her tits, but the wedding was early afternoon on Saturday and she hadn't pumped since the morning.

The wedding was fun, great reception and about midnight we were the last ones to leave. She was tipsy and ready to party going back to the motel. On the way back we passed a small country strip joint. I was just buzzed but not so drunk. So I turned in so we could have one more drink.

We grabbed a table. Only about a dozen guys in there and about 4 women. I ordered. The manager came back with our order, saw her cleavage in the 'bridesmaid' dress and asked us into his office. He wanted to know if she was interested in dancing, no contest but for fun tonight.

I was all for it, he asked to see her tits and was amazed how huge and firm they were. I explained the breast feeding and lack of pumping. When he barely touch her nipples he got milk. At this he said he would take care of things and I left back to our table.

After about 20 mins. he came out and introduced "The new Mother" and out came my wife in a baby doll type negligae (later I learned he had spares in the back). Like the other wives, she wasn't very graceful, but guys don't care. She had woke up and had a wild look in her eyes as she schucked her top but left the bottoms on.

At the edge of the stage she was on her hands and knees going from guy to guy. She looked wonderful, tits swinging and guys grabbing them, getting some milk as they squeezed. The few guys there really appreciated the novelty of an amateur and her milky tits.

After the songs she went into the back and didn't even pickup all of her tips. About 10 mins later the manager brought her out, still in the baby doll. He said some of the guys wanted to meet her and she was loving the attention, so I said great. Again, I noticed how horny she now was.

He took her over to a table of guys and left her there to sit on their laps, kiss them, let them fondle her and some even sucked on her tits. She kept looking over at me to see if it was okay and I gave her the thumbs up. Then she went back to enjoying them touching her breasts.

The place was only one room, so when one of the guys took her toward the rear area, I realized he was going to have her do a private lap dance. It was dark enough so you couldn't see the details, but you could see their shapes. She ended up going back there with 3 men. No sex but an 'intimate' dance still.

Finally about 3:30 it was time to go. When we got back she got naked and we went at it FAST! Then we both lay there reliving the night while we each rubbed ourselves picturing what just happened. She was so tired and drunk from all her drinks that she looks dazed and she was LOL.

Overall a wild, unexpected night. She is normally a regular Mom. She did express her milk for a couple of days afterward in order to flush her system. She has done other fun things over the course of our marriage too but nothing like this. - Gavin



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