Naked Camping

Naked Camping

Hi truthordarepics,

Me and my fiance are always trying to find new ways of adding excitement to our sex lives. It all started last year when I was first exposed.

We went on a camping trip with some friends of ours. They had walked down the creek to go fishing and I had went into the tent to change. Well my fiance came in and watched me and even helped to strip me. This got us going until he had me nude and we were making out with me on top of him. At that point we heard our friends coming by the tent and without warning they walked in not expecting anything out of the ordinary. I was like "Oh My God" and my fiance said "it's okay they don't care". The next thing I know they're all laughing and I turned beet red knowing they had all seen my ass and probably my pussy from behind. "Well guess we'll be leaving the love birds alone for a while" is what they said and walked out. It was hilarious but it was so great as my heart was racing and my nipples at attention! We didn't finish at all that weekend but my mind kept returning to it and when it did I felt myself becoming wet. That is the incident that started it for us. That made us want to re-create it again and again. When we fantasize in bed, we talk about all the things that may have happened that weekend. We often go camping but just him and I and when we do the sex is amazing and I am always trying to be as nude as possible. Actually I am wet writing this now! LOL. We have a picture of a place we were at that was very public so I wasn't nude for very long but every so often my fiancee would ask me to walk out of the tent nude and take a risk. This is me going back in with the same view our friends got initially.

Thanks for an awesome site and for letting us know that many people out there enjoy being exposed. - K & R


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