Nipples in the Rain


Hi truth or dare pics:

This picture is of my girlfriend and I with my friend taking it in the backseat. All 3 of us went down to Atlantic City for the weekend last summer and had a great time. On our way home my friend and I looked at the sky and said that it was gonna rain. My GF insisted it wouldn't. So I said, "care to make it interesting?"

Since she was so sure it wasn't gonna rain we told her that if it did she'd have to pull over on the freeway (she was driving), pull her top down and run around to my side of the car and get in. She agreed easily. Well, as luck would have it it rained and she didn't say anything pretending to not notice. Nice try. After a few minutes of telling her she needed to pay up she pulled over. Made sure nobody was around, especially cops, pulled down her top exposing her nice small perky tits which my friend loved and then ran around to my side. We both cheered her on and I opened my door to have her jump on my lap. My friend was ready and took a picture as we had planned but it was a bit last as she was fast at getting her top back up. Still she protested but it was too late.

A year has passed and I found your site and thought that that story would be a great addition to it. With her permission and encouragement we decided to send it over. - Kelly & Costa



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