Nude Outside

Nude Outside

Hi TruthorDarePics,

Great site! Lots of outdoor pictures of people. I think being nude outside is the ultimate. You take the chance of being caught, and some locations you just look better nude than with clothes on such as the ocean....

We do pictures outside frequently....and it makes it fun, car wash, in our terrain of our country (see attatched pic) we live in, in our yard, just some really fun locations and beautiful icons that you can't find inside your house.

Suning nude is great if you don't have teenagers hanging around.... I remember as a teenager my mom would lay out nude and I would have just died if the neigbhor boys looked over the fence which was higher and all they had to do is look over if they were out. However if you don't have kids, I think there isn't a problem.

Also an all over tan is about as cool as a tan lines, so I say go for it. - Brid



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