Playing ToD

Playing ToD

Hi truthordarepics,

My friend Pam got a digital camera for her birthday and ever since we have been having a blast with it while chatting online and playing with groups of people. So yesterday, we met this couple online as we were looking around and they asked us if we wanted to play truth or dare. They then told us about your site and after looking around we definitely said yes!

So we each told a few truths and then started daring each other. They had a webcam and we didn't so we'd take a picture of the dare and send it to them. These pictures were the final ones we sent. The dared us to use whipped cream, nesquick strawberry sauce on each other and lick it off which we did.

one of the wildest things that we were dared to do was letting Pam stick her little vibrator up my butt just before I reached orgasm and turning it on while I came. This was even more erotic when she sucked my nipple making the orgasm even more intense while I squirmed all over the floor. Needless to say I had to return the favor by licking her clit while massaging her anus with my fingers and toy until she came all over my face. One other good thing was that I got my first feel at anal sex which is very erotic and fun! I wanted to send these pics in too but pam refused. I don't see why but I have to respect her wishes. Let us know when you post them so we can send it to the couple and hopefully they will do the same.

XXO - Cindy & Pam

Playing ToD

Playing ToD


YOUR PENIS !!              
watcher guy
watcher guy
watcher guy
watcher guy
watcher guy
watcher guy


2 - Confirm Email

3 - Login and Click on Adult Chat Rooms

4 - Click on Girls Watching Guys on Cams
Girls Watching Guys on Cams

Follow instructions to Join group and enjoy!!!!

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