Naked in the Hotel Pool

Naked in the Hotel Pool

Hi truthordarepic,

I've been playing a long drawn out game of truth or dare with this other guy online. He'd give me a dare and a week later I'd complete it. Then I'd give him one and when he was able he'd complete it etc. Well his last dare was (knowing my boyfriend and I were going away for the weekend) for me to take a dip in the hotel pool for at least one lap fully nude and have my boyfriend take a picture as proof. He knows about my dare game online and lets me have my fun since he'll be having a bunch of strippers for his upcoming friend's bachelor party. We stayed at a Best Western and took off for the pool upstairs when it got to be late. When we got there there were 3 people swimming and no lifeguard. So we had to wait for the 3 to finally leave. Two left within 15 minutes but one guy stayed and it took him abother 40 minutes before he left. When he did I told my boyfriend to get out the camera because I probably had a small window of opportunity. I took off my suit and threw it over to my towel and swam one lap underwater and then got out, ran to my towel and wrapped it around me. I was about to put my suit back on but then a maintenance worker showed up saying it was going to close soon. I only had my towel around me and hoped he didn't see my suit lying on the floor next to me. I don't think he did but I was horny as hell with the possibility! We went back to the room with me wearing only a towel which got a few looks and my boyfriend threatening to pull it off. We had sex and I kept the towel on the whole time as a reminder. Since I got back I have not yet emailed him my dare report as I'm going to let him see it on your site instead. - LovinLife


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