Public Sex

Public Sex

Hi There,

We love being naughty and especially enjoy doing daring things in public. Here is a picture of Jill my girlfriend while we went out for a walk in the local public park preserve. It was awesome and hot, but nobody really saw us. Our ultimate experience was when we set out to have sex in a public place in a way so that if someone appeared we could keep our distance and get away without identification if desired. We started on an internal stairway of a condominium on the other side of town with me sitting on the stairs with my jeans down enough that she could begin to give me head. We had an escape planned if trouble appeared. The stairs led to a second floor condo. We heard the door open above and a couple came onto the upper landing and were having a discussion when she looked over and saw us. As she stared she punched the guy who turned and looked over the rail. Jill saw this and we were ready to leave but they just watched without moving so we kept going. I had her sit on the stairs and raised her skirt and pulled her panties off, as they watched, and began to eat her as she looked up at them and smiled. She began to moan as I gave her some long slow licks. I glanced up when I heard another moan from above as the guy was behind the woman and had her tits out squeezing them and twisting her nipples!!! Huge surprise and unexpected! I had Jill get on her knees on the stairs and with her skirt up, went in her from behind. Meanwhile upstairs he lowered her pants and began the same. It felt strange but wonderfull as we would all just watch each other. Jill really loved them watching her and had a deep loud groaning climax which caused me to join her. As we were breathing heavily and kissing we heard them let go above and saw them ease out of site and the door closed. We zipped up and went to dinner and relived the incident in conversation and went home and had a long long session. Though we did it other times on stairways, no one else ever saw us although we hoped for that to happen again. - M&J



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