Restaurant Flash

Restaurant Flash

Hi truthordarepics,

We love your site and got inspired to do our own dare.

My husband and I went to see Emmanuel at a small theater that shows older movies. I had never seen an erotic movie like that before and it turned me on so much we went back the following afternoon. This time though I only wore my stockings and suspenders under my skirt. Nothing else. We went to eat a bite first and since we were early there were only 2 or three tables being used. My husband said that it was a great time for a flash and after looking around I agreed. So I took out my boobs with my hands shaking (now I know the rush that everyone feels when doing dares in public), asked him to hurry up and put them back in. I had a smile from ear to ear and so did my husband. My stomach was in knots and I couldn't finish my meal. So we went for a walk and then in to the movie theater again.

We sat near the back and as the action heated up on the screen I undid the buttons on my skirt one by one until it was completely open. Fortunately I was sitting next to a lovely girl who noticed what I was doing and wearing and before my husband could finger me, she had her hand on thigh! Unbelieveable! I whispered that to my husband and he told me to go with it. I was barely breathing.

The shiver of pleasure that ran up my legs was undescribable as she edged closer to my bare pussy. I spread my legs a little and she lightly brushed my pussy lips, I let out a moan which attracted my husband who just smiled and whispered 'carry on'.

She removed her hand and I'm sure I saw her put it near her husbands lips.

As we left the theater we looked for them but they were gone. It took me some time to button up my skirt again and make sure I didn't look like I had been fooling around. After that we went straight home, with my soaking pussy and finished it off ourselves, wrote this whole thing down and are submitting the picture. Gosh this is fun! - Louise



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