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Hi Truthordarepics,

When I was a junior in college my girlfriend (now my fiancee) had a REAL prissy, goody-goody roommate....I mean she would always hang around the room, talk about how rude we were if we made out and such so we thought she was REAL uptight....anyway, one night we were down at my fraternity house getting a load on, well when my girlfriend got drunk she always got REAL I thought about my room, but have ya ever tried to fuck with 30 fraternity brothers pounding on your door yelling at you to fuck her??? I get's a little old...

..anyway I walked her back to her sorority house and went in to hang for a bit.....well her roommate was thinking about going home for the weekend and when we slipped into her room, it looked like she did...usually she had her nose buried in the books or would always leave a light or something since the room was dark and quiet we thought it was time to fuck!!

Soon we were naked and my girlfriend was sucking my cock and with some foreplay to her we were ready to go. I got her on her back and buried my cock in her pussy. I was pumping away good on her when I looked up and realized that her roommate hadn't gone home and was staring RIGHT AT ME from her bed not more then 5 feet away. But the REAL odd thing about was the fact that she was TOTALLY naked with a fat rubber cock in her hand!!!

The reason for the lights being off and total silence was that she was fucking herself stiff with that thing. Well after her initial shock I think she was into what I was doing to my girlfriend, so as I pounded away she rammed that thing back up her cunt and fucked herself silly. She came a few minutes later, gave me a smile and ducked back under the covers all the while my girlfriend didn't notice a thing as her roommate was behind her!! I soon blew my wad and left for the night.

Two day's later I stopped by to see if my girlfriend was in...she wasn't, her roommate took the opportunity to say that she was kind of embarrassed about the way she acted and that she had this reputation for being a good girl that she really wanted to break but didn't want to dissapoint her parents (one of whom taught at the university).

She started to loosen up a little and soon my girlfriend and her were friends and I was inviting her down to party's at the fraternity house. She soon got a rep as being 'fun' but not a slut. A final note after another bash one night we went back to her room to fuck for a while, when we got in, her roommate was being fucked doggie-style by a guy I knew from another fraternity. We apologized and were about to leave when she told us to stay and enjoy ourselves if we wanted. My girlfriend looked at me and I took her outside for a moment to tell her about her roommate looking at us the last time we had sex. She gasped and was in shock! But liked it and smiled an evil smile. We were soon naked and fucking on my girlfriends bed. They got finished, he left before us and she just sat there and watched.

After we finished, she told us that after seeing us that night she became kind of a voyeur...she REALLY enjoyed watching people naked, fucking, whatever.....and she actually thanked us for getting her out of her shell.....I was always a little disappointed that I never got her to join in with us...although a year later my girlfriend did confess that the night before her roommate graduated (she was a year ahead of my girlfriend) they fuck each other silly with the very same rubber cock..ah how I was envious!!!! It has now been a year since we've both graduated and look actively for people to watch us and be watched. The picture we have is of my fiancee in her same dorm room. It's the sexyest we have from that time period. - F&R


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