Hot, Wet & Anxious

Sexy Sarah

Hot, Wet & Anxious



Good morning Truth or Dare Pics!

My name is Sarah, and I'm a very happy, long-time married housewife. My husband and I have a wonderful sex life, but he thought maybe we should try something a little more daring. So, while we were having a hot, sultry time enjoying one another's naked bodies, he asked if he could take some pics (not unusual). I said, "Of course!"

But, the daring part came a few days later when he dared me to post some of those pics on the internet. We have both been fans of ToDP for quite a while. So, if I were going to accept his challenge/dare, this would be the perfect place! After a few more days of thinking about just how naughty it would be to display our pics for all the wonderful people at truth or dare pics, I decided to share!

I can hardly wait until my hubby finds these pics on your site! I haven't told him I was sending them, and figured it would be much sexier to let him find them on his own.

I would love to hear any (and all) your thoughts on our pics. I'll be sharing all the responses with the hubby, so be as daring and naughty as you'd like in your messages! I'd love to hear from ladies and gentlemen, please! I hope you enjoy my dare! Oh yeah, in the last pic there's a wonderful bonus (at least for me).

Hot, wet, and anxious,

Sexy Sarah - EMAIL ME!!

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