Our Soft Swap Experience

My Sexy Wife

hiya Truthordarepics!

Love your site, and wanted to add our own story. About three years ago my wife and I wanted to add a little extra spice in our lives. We subscribed to an online adult meeting site and created a profile, and soon met another couple who were just what we were looking for. They were an average couple like us interested in a soft swap. After a bit of chatting and picture swapping we decided to meet at a restaurant for drinks.

We got to the place and the guy was there, but not his wife. It turns out she was running late and would be another fifteen minutes or so till she got there. We decided to just get a table while we waited and asked for one of the U shaped booths kinda far back and alone. The guy sat on one side of my wife, and I sat on the other. Right away his hand disappears under the table to my wifes leg and starts rubbing higher and higher. My wife got all giggly and a little flushed and i got turned on a bit. HIs wife finally shows up and sits next to me and after a while, my hand falls down to his wifes lap.

After a few drinks we decide to go get a hotel room, especially since they had a long drive home. Once there, one of those awkward silences falls, and no one is making any first moves. The other guy finally gets betweens my wife legs and starts licking her. She comes real easy and he gives her a few orgasms. After taking in the sight of another man pleasuring my girl, I take his lead & go to the other bed and start to lick his wife.

Now I may be biased, but I just absolutely LOVE going down on my wife. My tongue just seems to meld with her, and she tastes very nice. His wife didn't taste quite like her but it was such a turn on being able to go down on her while my wife was just one bed over havung the same done to her!

After a while my wife sits up and starts to play with the other guy, with her hands and her mouth. But it seems he has a little bit of perfomance anxiety and can't quite get hard. So instead they both come over to the other bed, and I ask my wife if she would like her first experience with a girl.

So now the other girl is laying on the bed and making out with her husband, while my wife is giving her oral, and I'm fingering my wife! This is something I never thought I would experience and will remember for the rest of my life, and I'm so grateful to my wonderful lady that made this possible! Eventually the night dwindles down and my wife and I go home. She's alittle wore out from 7 orgasms, so she lets me finally get some release with her mouth.

We didn't bring cameras so instead I've attached 2 other pics. One is a recent pic of my wife teasing me with her tasty pussy and the other is the pic we use for our online profile. Maybe if we get good feedback she'll be brave enough to show her face. - Billy & Carrie cnbingr @ yahoo.com



Awkward Moment ...

*** The winning girlfriend, became quiet and unhappy (later on in full vid) watching her BF and the loser have fun ... he even made her cum.

What's happening?? ...

"I Won - I get to sit out with the other winner and watch the loser receive her consequence."

"I Lost - I must now take both of the winner's boyfriends in front of them. One in the pussy and the other in the mouth :("


Loser Must Masturbate for the Other 2 ...

Their First Time Playing Strip High Card ...

Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wants ...


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