Spanking Dare

Spanking Dare

Hello truthordare(pics),

We have a dare for your site.

I was on vacation with my husband and our friends (another couple) and to make a long story short we ended up talking about sex and what we have done on vacations previously (seperately). My friend said she has showered naked using the public showers near the beach. My husband told me that it would be great if I did something like that.

Well, the next day we were in the showers having just finished a day at the beach and my husband gets out the camera and tells me to strip nude. We all laughed and I turned to show him my butt and said that that was all he was gonna get at that moment. So he took a picture. Then, all of a sudden I feel a playful spank from my friend who sais to my husband, "yeah, that's all you're gonna get!" and started giggling hard!!

Both of the husbands look at each other and then asked her to do it again. I said, "sure, go ahead" as it seemed to please them so much. So she spanked me and spanked me and almost couldn't control her laughter. I was getting embarrassingly turned on and just kept letting her spank me. My husband had about 10 pictures of my butt being spanked by now and so I told him that he could get a better view if it would 'please him' and pulled down my thong. Actually I have to confess it's because I was getting so damn hot from all of this. My butt out on display, being spanked and the guys getting excited.

After he got his picture(s) I pulled my thong back up and we both went back to our rooms to prepare for dinner. Funny how we each were about an hour late LOL ... Julie


Awkward Moment ...

*** The winning girlfriend, became quiet and unhappy (later on in full vid) watching her BF and the loser have fun ... he even made her cum.

What's happening?? ...

"I Won - I get to sit out with the other winner and watch the loser receive her consequence."

"I Lost - I must now take both of the winner's boyfriends in front of them. One in the pussy and the other in the mouth :("


Loser Must Masturbate for the Other 2 ...

Their First Time Playing Strip High Card ...

Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wants ...


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