Flashing in Stockings


Hi Webmaster,

For years my wife and I used to enjoy watching me jack off while she drove the car on long trips. Of course, we would switch and she would return the favor. She thought it was just so naughty. And, while I was driving, I would reach over and finger her pussy t'ill she came hard. All of the above were fun and we have a few pictures of both of us from different times. Sometimes when we know we have a long trip coming up soon she'll email one of her pictures to me at work and the subject line would read, "road trip" and I'd know I need to open it in private and would get me slowly warmed up for the trip. We have sent you one of our pictures and it is her favorite. I don't know what got into her that time but she was hot n' horny like I've never seen her! Instead of just pulling up her skirt or pulling down her pants slightly she totally stripped and left only her stockings on and proceeded to finger herself in broad daylight! I asked her if we could stop and take a picture and se said sure and told me to get out and take it from the other side. This was blowing me away as now she was really exposed. I took it and we continued home with her like that, getting honks from truckers and lots of play from me! That usually doesn't happen but on that day the stars were aligned a certain way or something.

After we both come in the car, instead of being worn out, we would usually be even more sexed up when we arrived at our destination. After a three-hour return trip one time, we fucked on the back porch in view of the neighbors' houses. (We didn't see anyone watching. But, we were kinda busy....). Thanks for an awesome site!!!!!! It is giving us more ideas. - KT



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