Glory Hole Surprise

Straight Laced Latina

Glory Hole Surprise



My gf and I always talked about getting adventurous for years. Then last Friday I came home and she said tonight was the night.

We had been watching glory hole vids and it made her extremely wet. She said she made a glory hole out of the blanket. Itís hangin in the bedroom. I looked and sure enough there it was. I asked if she used it already and she gave me a sly little look. No silly she said but someone is coming by soon.

My cock was hard as a rock my very straight laced Latina wife was about to really let go I couldnít believe it. She said she found a guy on a sex site we are on and he should be in his way. She went to get ready.

I had a drink. She called me in the bedroom and asked if I liked. She was in a silky top and her big 40d tits were sexy as hell. A little white thong to match she started playing with herself on the bed with her new large toy. She was moaning when we heard a knock at the door.

She said he knows to come in and, "back here."

Her says hello from the other side and she says hi back. I remained quiet kinda not sure about this. But I heard his pants drop and seeing her kneeling at the hole in anticipation had me hard as a rock. I started stroking behind her where I could get a good view and What a view! The largest cock Iíve seen slid through the hole. She grabbed it underneath his balls with one hand the other on the shaft and her little hands taking in his enormous cock head.

She sucked him fast and slow. She couldnít get enough. She sucked as much as she could get down gag and moan she was making love to this stranger's cock. I noticed she had two holes in the blanket and his hand came through and grabbed her tit. She loved it and stuck it in the hole. He was sucking as she was pushing into the blanket so horny so wet. I saw her slip her thing off he had already undone the top.

She turned and backed towards his at least ten inch cock and asked, "Is it ok baby?" How could I turn her down?

Needless to say she was fucked hard and good and finally sucked him off and he came all over her tits.

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