Strip Poker

Strip Poker

Hi Truth or Dare Pics,

My girlfriend Terri knows how much I love to play poker. And I'm a pretty good one at that. On a Friday night last February sometime, I had some of my buddies over. We were enjoying the evening playing like usual. Terri was keeping the drinks and goodies coming. Late in the evening I had a winning hand. I beefed up the pot t'ill I ran out of money. I didn't know this but Terri was walking around looking at other guys hands. Somebody up the bet and I needed to stay in. Terri whispered in my ear to use her as a marker. I did, suggesting that should I lose she would serve us drinks the rest of the evening in her underwear and the guys all laughed. But they also agreed and I layed down my full house, but my buddy (the one still playing in the red shirt) had a straight flush. Terri just smiled at me and said I better cover that bet. She unzipped heself and stripped while everyone watched. She then stood up and asked who wanted drinks. Nobody said anything as they were all staring at her. Finally someone said, "how about a beer" and then the party resumed. She is in the picture teasing us pretending she was gonna pull her underwear down but never did. Almost gave me a heart attack but turned me on as well. They all finally left, wanting to play poker next week again. Terri was still hot when we fucked in bed. After we both came she smiled and said I could use her as a marker anytime. That's when I smiled and remembered that she looked at the other hands before whispering in my ear. She giggled saying she always wanted to try it. - Marco



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