Swimming Naked

Swimming Naked

Hi truth or dare pics,

I love doing dares. I haven't really played in awhile but do enjoy it. Thanks to your site I've been getting back int it recently. I attatched a picture from a few years back where I was camping with my ex and we went skinny dipping. That was my first time and I was so scared someone would see but there was nobody around and we saw maybe 3 people al weekend LOL. But it was still daring for me.

The most daring thing I've ever done recently (inspired by some of the dares on the site) was having sex with the pizza delivery man.! Yes I admit it! I read the dares and was tempted to try something. I felt like I was in a cheap porno. He did it fast and took off. It wasn't very good but at leas I didn't have to pay and it was a bit of a thrill. - S

P.S. Please don't post my name or email!!!!!


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