Webcam Dare

Webcam Dare

Hi Truthordarepics,

We love truth or dare and most sexual games. I am Catherine and I am the one wearing white. My best friend Dany is beside me and my boyfriend is behind us. Dany and I have played before at parties and have done things like, kiss each other, lick each other's nipples and get another guy off with our hands at the same time. My now new boyfriend Walter heard about our stories and was a little jealous so I promised him we'd play with him one day. Not long ago we were surfing around and found your site and enjoyed reading about everyone's dares. I had no idea so many people enjoy this!!

We decided to try playing with people over cams as you suggest and we found someone almost instantly. Actually it was 2 people (a couple). They were mainly interested in having people watch them and we were all more than happy to tell them what to do, dare them and watch. Our dare from them was to kiss each other but we wanted to include Walter so they suggested we both 'play' with him and take turns! I had no problems sharing him with Dany in this way ONLY as she has done something similar with me once. So, down came his pants and we took turns playing with him. We took still images from the session and have them for you attatched. After that the couple had to go and we went looking for others to play with which we did. But this game was the most fun and so that's what we're submitting. My boyfriend owes me BIG TIME for this LOL.

Luv C,W,D

Webcam Dare

Webcam Dare

Webcam Dare



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