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Hi truthordarepics,

The most daring, wild and kinky thing I ever did was when my husband and I were vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale having fun with shots of tequila. The bars were all closing at 5am and we were NOT ready to stop. So we are walking down Los Olas BLVD asking people if there were any after parties, and I saw this tall guy with his back to us. I touched him to get his attention, and when he turned around..... oh my...lust at first sight. (He was half Jamaican (his mother) and half English (his father) we found out later) Private schooled in England...English accent with dreads!!!!

We asked him about a party and he said we could get some beer and go to his place that he had some other party supplies there that we might be interested in. So, I thought why not. The three of us jumped in our car and went and got some beer and proceeded about 1/2 mile to his house. We went in and a friend of his was passed out on the couch, so we went straight to the bedroom. He laid out some lines, rolled a fatty and the next thing I know I am being ravished by my husband and our new friend. This went on for about 5 hours, with a line and a toke, and a big gulp of beer every now and then to quench the thirst. Needless to say, it was one wild morning that I will never forget. Now I obviously don't have any pictures from that which is really too bad for me since he was hot but I do have one of me when we went fishing (hubby loves that) and nobody was around. - M



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