Naked in the Woods

Naked in the Woods

Hi truthordarepics Webmaster,

I have a dare to submit.

Hubby and I used to work at Ohare airport in Chicago. He wanted to go to the nearby forest preserve one day after work for me to model for him. I posed topless for his photos on this trail that was kinda secluded, for about 10minutes before I noticed movement in the woods not far from me and behind him. It was a man with binocs which he hardly needed. He was only about 30 feet away. I figured what the hell he had already seen me so I winked at him when hubby wasn't looking. I went on posing proudly and was having a blast. After awhile this guy points a little farther away from him and there are two more guys also watching from behind trees. Hubby has no clue as to any of this. He just keeps snapping pics. By this time I was really excited and they didn't seem to be any threat. So I really got into it. Any pose. On all fours, licking tits etc. I loved it. Hubby snapping pics not knowing these guys were watching and masterbating. Hubby snapped pics and the other guys were still watching. When I got up I said very loudly - time to go. To give those guys a warning to leave. I dressed as they snuck off. I also realized afterward that hubby was still in his airport uniform and so they probably knew where to find me. So then they knew where I worked. I had no probs after that at work but did get some stares at times. It was very erotic. This picture attatched was the best pic. Hubby has no idea about any of this and will be quite surprised when I email it him. - Marcy



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