Girlfriend Lost a Naked Bet

Girlfriend Lost a Naked Bet Dare


We really enjoy the site and my bf has been trying to convince me to post for a while. I recently lost a bet to him, so here is my first dare.

I'm a long time Nebraska fan and notorious for my hatred of all things SEC! We got together with our friends and placed 'friendly', read naked, bets before the BCS started. I should mention that our friends, well letís say we have very few secrets! My bf dared me to post on Truth or Dare Pics if Nebraska lost to Georgia, so I couldn't turn him down and look like I wasn't faithful to Big Red!

I decided to wait until he was traveling to submit this, but I know he and a few others will be checking to make sure I honor my debt, ya'll go, I hope you enjoy these! And for the rest of you, you know who you are, you'd better settle your debts!!

cwgrlred81 @

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