Oral Sex Dare

Oral Sex Dare


My husband of 3 years and I are big fans of the website. We have an adventurous side and our love life is great with one exception: We both love receiving oral sex but we both HATE giving it. Both of us get turned off by it, which really ruins the passion of the moment, so we just avoid it. Sometimes we both want it badly but we are respectful of each other and never demand it. After much discussion we both agreed to outsource our needs as long as we follow certain rules.

1. Permission must be granted by the other person.
2. There must be full disclosure of everything that happens (communication is key).
3. Only oral sex is permitted and we're not allowed to do anything with the other person.

After laying out our rules I decided that our first time trying it out should be with a friend and we had the perfect opportunity when my husband and I went to a wedding about 6 months ago. My long time friend, Jess, was going to be there with her husband, Nick. Jess is a wild girl and so is her husband. I contacted them about our little agreement and they were all about it. We both rented a room in the same hotel and the night after the wedding we decided to get together.

First we all went swimming late that night which was tons of fun. My husband and I both agree that we are pretty average in the looks department. My husband is tall and so is Jess' husband but Nick is also slightly ripped. He has a little six pack that I think is super hot and I started getting wet when I saw him. My husband thinks Jess is gorgeous as well. I have her beat in the boobs and ass department but I would kill to have her legs and abs. She is also the sweetest person you could ever meet. Jess was wearing a light blue bikini that was definitely too small and my husband was trying not to stare at her the whole time.

After swimming we all went back to our room. I wasn't quite sure how to get the ball rolling but luckily Jess took charge of the situation. I said I was going to go change in the bathroom and Jess looked at her husband and said, "Why don't you go help her out." Nick didn't waste a moment and led me to the bathroom reached for my bikini bottom and pulled it to the floor. He then took one of my legs and lifted it up so my foot rested on the sink. I don't remember much after that except that it felt amazing when he attacked my clit with his tongue. I remember reaching up to hold onto the shower bar and letting out gasps of pleasure when he put a finger up my pussy then another up my ass. I didn't last long after that. I squirted all over his face and offered him a wash cloth to clean up.

We walked out of the bathroom and I saw Jess kneeling over my husband on the bed. She had her bikini completely off and my husband's swimsuit around his ankles. She was a pro going after him with her mouth and both hands. Sometimes she would reach between her legs with one of her hands and rub her clit. I had a twinge of jealousy but it was also very hot to see another woman going down on my husband. My husband was still able to grab our little digital camera from our bedside table and take some pictures even though he was receiving an amazing blowjob (guys seem to find a way).

It wasn't long before my husband said he was going to cum. Jess dropped to the floor on her knees and my husband came all over her breasts. Jess collected her suit and grabbed her husband's long skinny cock from his trunks which was very erect at this point. She looked at me and said, "I'll go take care of this. We'll see you tomorrow." Then she went out the door completely naked, cum on her chest, with her husband's cock in her hand and walked down the hall to her room (she's my hero).

To me the whole thing was over quickly. My husband and I had great sex that night and talked about the experience. We both agreed it was definitely one of the hottest things we have ever done. We had breakfast with Jess and Nick the next morning but both our flights left early so we didn't get to do a repeat of the night before. They agreed that they had a lot of fun as well and it's unfortunate they live so far away. My husband got some good pictures of his experience that night. Unfortunately, I didn't get pics since I was in the bathroom and it all happened so fast. However I do have a pic of myself with one leg up on the sink like it was that night.

I've hooked up with a couple new friends I've met online since then. There seems to be a fairly large community out there who are connoisseurs at oral sex. Unfortunately, My husband wasn't around for those meet ups but he heard all about them. He hasn't really hooked up with anyone yet (he's been creazy busy) although I can tell he really wants to. We'd love to hear from everyone especially those in the Phoneix-Metro area. I have more stories and pics to share and I'll definitely be posting some more soon.

I love you all!


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