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D - My boyfriend was the person to first turn me onto this site. At first, I was one of those girls who weren't really comfortable with it but soon I got up to being ok with it if we did it together. Which was quite an achievement for me as I used to be a very timid an extremely shy girl. I was not comfortable with my body or 'having it on display'. It has only been now being with the boyfriend I'm with now that I've slowly started opening up and becoming more comfortable with myself, my body, and my sexuality. While we were in time that our jobs separated us by 2000 miles for a few months, I wanted something to surprise him with when he got home. So I decided to take a risk and put our first post on here and see where it goes from here as a way of keeping our romance new and exciting.

K - I have been a fan of this site for a couple years now and was extremely surprised (and extremely turned on) when she said she wanted to be posted on this site. So we took a few pics as a start and we will see where it goes from here.

So feel free to send us your comments, dares, etc. to help encourage her to do future posts. Have a good one ToDP community and enjoy.

hornycountrygirl69 @

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