Naughty Jack and Jill Party Dare

Naughty Jack and Jill Party


This is my first try sending in my pictures and I hope it finds you well. My name is Erin and I attended a naughty Jack and Jill party last month for a friend of mine who was getting married. In our small group of friends we have been through a lot together and have always talked about trying a party like this. Her idea was to have her friends and some of his closest friends invloved and have us be naked the entire time and basically masterbate in front of the group one by one. When I got there it was very nice, ground rules were no contact between people. I got naked and felt right at home with my friends but didn't know many of the groom's. They played a bunch of pornos and I was with the bride the whole time and it was a turn on.

I have to say that the party took on a life of it's own. Many of the people would stand over someone and masturbate, that is the closest you could get. It was mainly girls on the floor with guysstanding around but occasionally it was a guy on the floor and when that happened some of us girls would get close to his face and start rubbing. It was funny, you would all try to hold out and cum together, then have a drink, walk around naked, have a snack the the bride would say, okay get in positions, you could switch around. I got off on a couple of very cute guys. I also sat on some very nice round boobs. well that went on for hours. I was surprised by the men there as they kept pace. A few people had left towards the end of the evening. There were maybe 6 of us left when the bride proclaimed a free for all. No intercourse but you could pair up, or more, with other people, I went right for the groom as did my friend and I watched as the bride looked at us with a smirk. I wanted a piece if him before it was too late. We could only use our hands and I kissed him and he kissed me, we laid next to each other and spread out. He nicely rubbed my clit and I almost fainted when I reached down and felt his dick with my friend's mouth on it. What a wonderful experience and something I have often thought about before bed.

Thanks for reading :D


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