Amateur Strip Club Dare

Amateur Strip Club Dare


This is our first dare to the site and we are really excited because last week I went to a strip club with my husband and two of his colleagues. Of course my husband found a club that had an amateur night. My husband's colleagues never thought that I would go to the strip club, let alone agree to participate in the contest but every so often I let myself go and who knows what will happen- although nothing like this ever has.

By the time it was my turn to go up on stage, I probably had a four to five beers. Of course this was one of those clubs that was more of a bikini bar, although they did allow topless. The best part was I was wearing a dress. As I danced and began to undress, I pulled down my dress to my waist, and then continued to dance around on stage holding my dress and showing off my bra. The other two women that went before me had been wearing jeans and shirts.

One of them had removed their shirt and flashed her breasts by lifting up her bra, while the other woman had actually removed her shirt and was not wearing a bra. So I knew that in order to compete with the first two women I had to remove my bra. So with that I let my dress fall to the floor, and then removed my bra, and paraded around on stage in just my panties. I then got off the stage, and did not bother to redress.

A total of five women actually performed. One of the women that danced after me, actually had removed her shorts, and she was wearing a thong bikini bottom. She also had breasts that were basically perfect in comparison to mine.

The announcer then had all the contestants go back up on stage. When I went back up on stage the audience was really taunting all of the women. I was on stage in just my panties, and my husband's colleagues were dying for me to remove my panties. But I was too shy to remove my panties onstage. Instead I went down off the stage, and grabbed both of my husband's colleagues and had them go to a more secluded area of the club. My husband followed.

I had both of the guys sit down, and I started doing a very seductive lap dance for them. The guys wasted no time handling my breasts. One of the guys was rock hard, and I was rubbing my ass against him. I slid my panties down and off and straddled him facing him. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pulled his cock out. My husband and the other colleague as well as some of the other guys that were in the strip club were taunting the guy to penetrate me he was rubbing me on the outside and then slipped in.

Things are definitely went too far, and after the guy released inside of me (with a condom of course, I wasn't that drunk nor would my husband let me down), the other colleague wanted his turn as well. I sat on his lap with my back facing him and let him penetrate me. I was bouncing up and down on him as he held my breasts. I knew that he was about to come, and he pulled out and pushed me forward to the floor.

I was now on my hands and knees, and he was trying to slide into my ass. My screams obviously drew the attention of the more people watching. Afterwards I stayed nude while lots of people walked by and my husband's collegues were smiling ear to ear and telling me they had such a great time. We had a few more drinks and then left. It was my wildest night and before that I had never done more than flash. We talked about it and I'm not sure I'd do it again but was glad it happened once in my life and I am also happy to share it with the people of todp who were part of the inspiration for me to let go a bit more and let loose. We'd love comments.

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*** An introvert. VERY shy and sensitive, easily embarrassed, this losing girl accepts bets for consequences she can barely tolerate psychologically. Her way of letting off steam.

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"I won - Not only did she pay up but I put her on display, AND played with her emotions, exposing her more."


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