Sexy Wife Dance

Sexy Wife Dance


Great to find a place with real people to look at. Much sexier in mine and my wife's opinion. That leads me to her dare she did recently although we never thought of it as a dare until we found this site, to us it was just fun. Last month my beautiful young wife and her sister were the dancers for a bachelor party for one of my friends. The only conditions were that they not take any pictures, don't touch unless invited to and to tip well. The 8 guys invited just loved them and I was harder than a rock the whole time, and the girls said they had a blast.

The men liked it because these were "real girls" not "professionals." They started by each doing a solo strip. They made about $50 each in tips during this. It included lap dances for each guy while they were in nothing but tiny panties (the red panties in the pics we sent in are the ones she wore).

Then the panties came off and they danced totally nude together with the guy getting married. They really teased and played with him. They had him down to his underwear and his enjoyment was obvious. They carresssed and felt all of him. The other guys "complained" that he was having all the fun.

Jill and her sister told the group that if the tips were right they could get the same. The money started coming out and the girls responded. Men in only boxers or briefs were getting sensual, dick hardening lap dances. As the tips kept coming, the girls allowed the men to touch boobs only. They had tits pinched and sucked and massaged ....

Finally, each guy was given a pair of boobs in his face with hands behind his back for a good minute. Except the groom-to-be who was treated to a two mouth blow job complete with double facial. This was okayed by his future wife to be beforehand which I did not know about. The girls had a great time. The $250 each didn't hurt either! What a night. Please send any feedback to us if you liked our first dare. We'd love to chat.

Ryan & Jill - sexyjilldancer @ yahoo.com








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